Energy management system

We have successfully deployed our energy management system at our Cologne sites since 2013, and it first achieved certification in November of that year. In April 2015, as part of the annual quality and environmental audit, the certification body DNV GL once again accredited the energy management system without any reservations. As planned, the ISO 50001 certificate was then extended to all German sites. This means that we also satisfy the provisions of the German Energy Services Act (EDL-G), which requires all companies categorised as being larger than an SME to conduct energy audits.

The ongoing expansion of additional meter infrastructure enables energy to be monitored and, at the same time, provides a transparent overview of all energy flows. Additional potential was identified by implementing a variety of technical and organisational measures last year. The resulting annual savings amount to 775 MWh of electricity and 1,116 MWh of heat.

However, the potential for further savings is still far from exhausted: additional efficiency measures and the final phase in the expansion of the monitoring system are already being planned for 2016. New opportunities for savings will be opened up by the closure of the Cologne-Deutz site and the associated relocation of some manufacturing operations to the new production hall at the Cologne-Porz site, which is being built in accordance with the latest requirements under the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV).

DEUTZ Group: Energy consumption in our plants 1)    
  2015 2014
Electricity2) 77,388 87,944
Natural gas 34,243 34,768
District heating 23,857 22,596
Heating oil 3,788 3,456
Diesel fuel 3) 21,252 32,313
1) Plants in the DEUTZ Group, excluding joint ventures.
2) Recovered energy has been subtracted.
3) At 9.85 kWh/litre (mean).