Safety management

The Board of Management has defined a key target for workplace health and safety of zero accidents, an extremely challenging objective that is designed to set an example. The introduction of this target has resulted in a steady improvement in the frequency of accidents 1) and the number of notifiable accidents per thousand employees (TMQ) 2). Accident frequency, which is the number of notifiable workplace accidents in relation to the number of hours worked, stood at 12.9 in 2015 (2014: 20.8), its lowest level since we began recording statistics on workplace health and safety. The number of notifiable accidents per thousand employees went down to 17.7 (2014: 26.1) and is now around 30 per cent below the current average for the companies insured by our industry-specific accident insurer BGHM (Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall).

Internal health, safety and environment audits are conducted regularly, resulting in improved safety standards. The frequency of these audits depends mainly on the level of risk in the area being audited. Any variances from internal or statutory rules are followed up rigorously on the basis of action plans. The health, safety and environment departments must be involved in processes for approving hazardous materials and signing off machinery and equipment. Risk assessments are reviewed regularly and are adapted as the need arises. Personal protective gear is specified for each function and has been chosen based on an analysis of accidents.

Irrespective of the preventive measures taken with regard to health and safety, DEUTZ AG also has an emergency organisation consisting of full-time and ad-hoc staff. The linchpin of this organisation is the DEUTZ AG works fire brigade, which is officially recognised by the German authorities. Internal and external training is provided to ensure employees have the necessary skills and qualifications.

1) Accident frequency: number of accidents per million hours worked (as defined by the employers’ liability insurance association).
2) Known as TMQ (Tausend-Mann-Quote) in German.