Our driving force

DEUTZ engines are always at the cutting edge and, with their many patents and innovations, have had a crucial influence on the development of the modern diesel engine. One of the key factors in this success has been our diverse range of services.


With power outputs from 25 to 520kW, DEUTZ engines are ideally suited to a variety of applications in a wide range of equipment classes. Our ambition is always to precisely meet the requirements of our customers with individual system solutions, high quality and advanced technology. To achieve this, we constantly provide future-proof solutions at an early stage. The best illustration of this is that the DEUTZ ‘Stage V ready’ TCD engines already meet the EU Stage V emissions standard which will apply from 2019 1). The technology underpinning this is delivered by our highly-developed exhaust aftertreatment system, in particular the diesel particulate filter (DPF), an indispensable element if Stage V is to be met. This is where DEUTZ customers benefit from our wealth of expertise, since our DPF is already available while the current Stage IV applies. This gives us detailed know-how of practical equipment-specific use, and it provides our customers with an assured and series-tested technology.

Particularly significant features of the entire DEUTZ engine portfolio are the compact engine dimensions and a customer-oriented, modular system of optional add-on parts. This considerably reduces installation costs. The modular exhaust aftertreatment system DVERT®, standing for DEUTZ Variable Emission Reduction Technology, always ensures the desired outcome as regards engine performance, adherence to emissions limits and competitiveness.

1) The EU Commission’s Stage V proposals as published on 25 September 2014.


Our business has changed significantly over the past few years, not least because of the introduction of the new emissions standards. The new generation of engines, for example, relies on hardware and software which is becoming increasingly complex; at the same time, the requirements of our major customers and equipment operators for service quality and speed of reaction are also constantly growing. To satisfy all these needs, DEUTZ has also continued to develop the service side of its business in recent years.

Lifetime Support for every stage in the collaborative relationship

As far as DEUTZ is concerned, a commercial relationship does not end with the sale of an engine. Quite the opposite: a successful, collaborative working relationship includes great mutual understanding and the ability to come up with solutions – rapidly, competently and without bureaucracy at every stage of the relationship.

For us, service means ‘Lifetime Support’. DEUTZ provides a comprehensive range of products and services for the entire service life of engines and equipment, consisting of the following seven product areas:


Service plays a particularly important role within the overall package

In addition to the product itself, today’s engine manufacturers are expected to provide a whole range of services. This starts with application engineering, i.e. integrating the engine into the equipment manufacturer’s machinery, and it ends years or even decades later when the engine is reconditioned. Consequently, offering a comprehensive range of services is a significant competitive factor for DEUTZ.

The increasing technical complexity of engines is an important factor when it comes to servicing. Due to ever more stringent emissions legislation, today’s diesel engines are fitted with a whole range of additional systems. From a technological perspective, there is a world of difference between an older generation, air-cooled DEUTZ engine and the latest, electronically controlled engines.

This poses major challenges for the entire DEUTZ service network when it comes to service provision across the world and running essential training courses for our service partners in the maintenance, diagnosis and repair of the current generation of engines.

Our service network and our products are continually developed

In order to meet these challenges, we will continue to develop the DEUTZ service network and adapt it to changing requirements. Similarly, we will also continue to expand our range of services. In the new Engine Plus product segment, in particular, products and services covering every aspect of the engine will become increasingly important in the future.

DEUTZ Service network

DEUTZ’s global service network is the cornerstone of the comprehensive field support that we offer our customers. 13 sales companies, eight sales offices, 17 service centres and over 800 sales and service partners in more than 130 countries around the world are available day and night. Highly trained and motivated service staff provide expert advice and assistance, whatever the problem.

No matter whether a customer calls some agricultural machinery or a tractor his own or whether he runs a fleet of construction equipment with the latest engine technology – as an operator of a DEUTZ engine, he is part of the global DEUTZ community, a community characterised by strong loyalty to the DEUTZ brand.

Owning a DEUTZ was always something special, and one of the most important and fundamental pillars of this community is the smoothly functioning global service network.

Comprehensive global range of services

  • 13 sales companies, eight sales offices, 17 service centres and more than 800 distribution and service partners are ready to assist our customers day and night in more than 130 countries throughout the world. Our well-trained and highly-motivated service staff can provide expert advice and support whatever the problem.

  • We make special demands of our service partners. Intensive, regular training sessions ensure that all of them are always up-to-date with the latest DEUTZ engine technology – particularly in view of the ever more stringent emissions regulations.
An important cornerstone:
a well-functioning global service network
  • Both we and our service partners are happy to undertake the tasks of commissioning, servicing and maintaining an engine. We can offer services which are specially tailored to each particular application.
  • Comprehensive parts documentation, updated daily, allows our cutting-edge software to rapidly and accurately identify parts for all 1.5 million DEUTZ engines currently in use throughout the world.

DEUTZ engine Plus
Services for your engine

DEUTZ Engine Plus refers to our broad range of products and services for your engine. From bespoke application engineering to retrofitting of all kinds of add-on components, DEUTZ offers comprehensive support both before and after you buy an engine.

The plus point for our engines

DEUTZ doesn’t just sell engines. It has brought together a whole range of services under the Engine Plus programme, designed to give customers the best possible support both before and after buying an engine. Our tailor-made Engineering Services are one of our core areas of expertise.

Individually tailored to customer needs

Engineering Services – this range of services is attracting increasing numbers of DEUTZ customers. With DEUTZ as their partner, small and medium-size equipment manufacturers, in particular, are easily able to integrate engines into their equipment which satisfy the latest emissions standards and which, as regards performance and efficiency, represent perfectly coordinated overall systems.

Larger customers are increasingly integrating us into interface functions within their own development departments in order to benefit from our experience and support. We are, therefore, consciously expanding the value we are able to add through targeted vertical integration, taking upon ourselves the complex challenges faced by our partners and creating invaluable customer benefit. Engineering Services thus reinforces our central aims of combining tailor-made solutions with maximum customer focus. We are taking a fully integrated approach, supporting our customers from technical project management and system design all the way to segment-specific application engineering and field trials. This gives customers a turnkey solution and the option of reducing their inhouse development costs. This is supplemented by our testing support services, an area in which DEUTZ has far-reaching expertise and state-of-the-art test and measuring facilities.

Our customers get a turnkey solution.

More than just an engine

In addition to these services, DEUTZ also provides a wide range of add-on components and compact system solutions. These extend from engine accessories and separate cooling packages to complete power packs in which the radiator and the EAT system are already factory-fitted. We are thus providing product features which further simplify the work our customers have to undertake and this results in even greater customer loyalty. Our customers can also access a large selection of standard components, such as an equipment-specific SCR tank or even the latest technologies, such as a hydraulic start-stop system.

The fast and economical alternative

New life for old engines – professionally reconditioned engines and parts are a fast, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new ones. All Xchange components are checked carefully for compatibility and to ensure they come with DEUTZ’s renowned quality.


New life for old engines – professionally reconditioned engines and parts represent a quick, economic and environmentally-responsible alternative to buying a new one. DEUTZ Xchange engines and parts are like the originals in every respect. This also applies to engines and parts which have been out of series production for years. Compatibility and the high quality for which DEUTZ is renowned are also the main features of all Xchange components. They ensure that performance and reliability are fully achieved even after reconditioning. We are proud of the fact that the DEUTZ warranty on Xchange products equates to the warranty on a new part or new engine.

Xchange engines

Every one of our Xchange engines benefits from the latest technical advances:

  • All wearing parts are replaced.
  • Every engine is brought up to the latest technical standard.
  • Every engine is as reliable as a new engine, has the same service life and is given the same warranty as a new engine.
  • Every engine comes with a worldwide warranty.


    Customers opting for an Xchange engine can expect short downtimes, cost-effectiveness and no compromises as regards product quality.